FAQs on Submission Process

How do I submit my manuscript to JPHDC?

All articles must be submitted using our easy to use online submission system. Please go to our ‘Submit a Manuscript’ page, and click the ‘submit’ button to begin the process. The first step of the process is for you to read the 'submission checklist'. This is a list of things that you should do to ensure that you are ready to submit your manuscript. Once you have satisfied the submission checklist, the next step is for you to either register or, if you have already registered, log in. You do not have to complete the submission process in one go; you can interrupt it at any time and return to it later (continuing from where you were). All you need to do is log in with your email address and password.


Can I interrupt the submission process before it's complete?

Yes. You do not have to complete the submission process in one go; you can interrupt it at any time and return to it later (continuing from where you were). All you need to do is log in with your email address and password.


Is there a word or page limit for articles published in JPHDC?

Broadly there is no constraint on the length of articles published in JPHDC. However, please remember that for the benefit of peer-reviewers and readers articles should be as concise as possible. Hence, any manuscript that exceeds 32 pages in length (title page, abstract, text of manuscript, and acknowledgments), double-spaced and using 12-point font, will need to receive special permission from the Editor. Thus, it is in the author’s interest to avoid deadwood in the text, such as extensive description of the figures, using figures of dubious relevance to the material, or repeating the content of figure captions in the text, which are common problems with submitted manuscripts.


How should I format my manuscript for submission?

Please refer to the 'Information for Authors' available at: http://www.jphdc.org/index.php/jphdc/pages/view/infoAuthors.


Can I continue the submission of a manuscript when my colleague began the process?

No. Once a submission has begun, the submitting author takes responsibility for the manuscript during the entire submission as well as for the peer review, and, if accepted, for the publication processes.


Can I submit my manuscript to you even though it is published elsewhere?

No. JPHDC only considers original articles. Articles must not have been published in any other journal.


Copy-editing and Language editing services

Many authors from around the world find that they need help in writing their manuscripts in English to a sufficient standard and style to be accepted into peer reviewed journals. Referees also often request that manuscripts are rewritten before they are able to assess them in detail. JPHDC offers language editing services where we work with the author to correct grammatical errors and other problems with the language of the manuscript. Copy-editing is provided after the typesetting (layout, structure, etc.) of the manuscript. It is our intention not to change the author's voice or style but to improve the readability of the manuscript. Copy-editing includes technical corrections of the following:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Articles/Prepositions

  • Punctuation

  • Sentence Structure

Authors receive their typeset and copy-edited manuscript for proof-reading together with a highlighting of the major language changes. Please contact us at: Language@jphdc.org for details on charges.

It is completely up to each individual author whether they want to use a language editing service, and if so which language editing service to use.

Editorial decisions are made solely based upon the quality of the scientific content of the manuscript. However, poor and unclear language can obscure the scientific content of articles. If editors and/or referees cannot follow the rationale for a study this can lead to rejections of scientifically valid research. Using editing services can address these problems but does not guarantee acceptance.


How long will it take to peer-review my manuscript?

We aim to provide a service that is faster than traditional journals, without compromising the quality of the peer-review process. Many manuscripts accepted in JPHDC go through the peer-review process within three weeks. Every effort is made to ensure that manuscripts are reviewed efficiently and to a high quality. The exact length of time will depend on many factors, such as whether peers agree to review a manuscript, and how quickly they submit their reports.


How long will it take for my article to be available in its final form?

Initially the manuscripts are converted into PDF form as ‘Provisional PDF', which are sent for peer-review. Once the manuscript is accepted, a PDF version - ‘Galley Proof’ - is sent to the authors for checking. After any production errors have been corrected, the HTML version is made public as the 'full text' and a final PDF is created at the same time and uploaded on the JPHDC website. The time between acceptance and the creation of the full text version depends on how quickly authors provide their corrections, but is normally around two weeks.


What is the copyright policy for JPHDC?

Authors of research articles in JPHDC keep copyright to their work, which grants permission for authors, readers and third parties to reproduce material from its website as part of another publication or entity. This includes, for example, the use of a figure in a presentation, the posting of an abstract on a website, or the reproduction of a full article within another journal. All permissions are granted free of charge under the Common Creative License, which allows users to read, copy, distribute and make derivative works for non-commercial purposes from the material, as long as the original work is correctly cited. 

Please have a look at this link for further details: http://www.jphdc.org/index.php/jphdc/about/submissions#copyrightNotice


Does JPHDC have Impact Factor?

For any journal to have an Impact Factor, it must be tracked by Thomson Reuters (ISI) for three years. JPHDC is a relatively new journal, so does not have an Impact Factor at this stage.