Become a Reviewer

Peer-review is integral to the editorial process and is intended to improve the accuracy, clarity, and completeness of published manuscripts and to help editors decide which manuscripts to publish. Peer-reviewers should be experts in the manuscript’s content area, research methods, or both; a critique of writing style alone is not sufficient. Peer-reviewers are selected based on their expertise and ability to provide high quality, constructive, and fair assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of written research, with the aim of improving the reporting of research and identifying the most appropriate and highest quality material for the JPHDC.

Peer-reviewers advise editors on how a manuscript might be improved and on its priority for publication in the journal. Editors decide whether and under which conditions manuscripts are accepted for publication, assisted by reviewers’ advice. Authors will be provided with the copy of the feedback from the referees. These feedbacks will not only help authors identify areas of improvement to their submission, but help them understand the process in order to be successful at publication.

Peer-reviewers provide their opinions on voluntary basis, as a service to their profession. 

If you are interested to peer-review manuscripts for the JPHDC, please register with your details or send your full CV (in English) along with a list of all published papers to the Editor-in-Chief at Reviewers selected for the journal are required to meet JPHDC standards regarding their scientific knowledge, background in original research, publication of articles, formal training, and previous critical appraisal of manuscripts. Please include the following information in your email (if not covered in the CV):

  • Title and Full Name

  • Affiliation (Institution)

  • Department and Rank

  • Preferred Email address

  • Phone Number (in case we need to contact you urgently – likely to happen very infrequently)

  • Reviewing Interest – areas of public health expertise for peer-reviewing

  • Details of publications

  • Details of any formal training in undertaking peer-review, and previous critical appraisal of manuscripts. 

Once your application has been reviewed and validated, we will email you to confirm your acceptance as peer-reviewer for the JPHDC.